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A Young Child's Thoughts


When you're a child nothing seems to hurt. You think the worst thing that can happen to you is misplacing your favorite toy. But welcome to the real world. My childhood was far from flowers, happiness, dreams and ponies. Try crying yourself to sleep. But being wakened by yelling. having to hear your parents scream so loud at each other the windows rattle. Finally silence...did they kill each other? No I'm not that lucky. Waking up the next morning and going thru the same thing again...Wake up, eat, yell, be yelled at, hear yelling, cry, sleep, repeat. Welcome to my world...The real world..


Holiday Depression


Due to the downfall of our economy, families are the hardest hit. I have seen families and children experience limitations that they never had before and this recession has tested relationships in ways they have never known. Another aspect of this season is to recognize the many people that experience "the winter blues" and its impact that contributes to many cases of seasonal depression.