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M. Longley Counseling & Consulting in Niles, Michigan is a general practice that provides treatment of diverse patients and diagnoses. We have ongoing relationships with local courts, doctors and schools to help us better serve you. Melissa Longley is a fully licensed clinical and macro social worker (LMSW, LCSW) with over 23 years of clinical treatment experience and over 10 years of private practice service.


New Service Available at  M. Longley Counseling and Consulting, PLLC

We are providing a new service to deliver efficient & convenient care for our patients through the coronavirus crisis. We are able to provide Hippa compliant tele-counseling for either face to face routine visits or urgent need telehealth should it be required by quarantine or requested by the patient. There are no additional fees other than your normal payment arrangement such as a fee or copayment with insurance. Insurance can and has been approved for this service. Please contact us should you prefer your session to be conducted via tele-counseling  . This process is very simple, The provider will send a link to you and we can be face to face with you your phone, computer or iPad at your convenience during scheduled session times. We will continue to provide updates accordingly should the practice become exclusive to tele-counseling . If you visit our offices in person we have made an extra effort to ensure the health of all providers & clients by maintaining a clean counseling office. Should you have any symptoms please remain home and contact us immediately to accommodate you. Mental health, support, and our services will and must continue and we will do this with you one day at a time. Please contact us today with any questions and we'll get you set up for tele-counseling.


General Practice Services:

  • Clinical assessment, diagnostic and treatment services for individuals and families with most common mental and emotional disorders: 
  • Individual: men and women seeking therapy services for most common diagnosis.
  • Family Therapy: divorce, parenting plans, marriage counseling, and child/adolescent.
  • Interpersonal Group Therapy: for individuals with impaired interpersonal skills.
  • Reunification: counseling/parenting time recommendations for children and parents.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment: mild to moderate disorders including Relapse Prevention.

**All cases requiring advanced treatment intervention/testing are properly screened and referred to a PhD or PsychMD


Forensic Consulting Services:

  • Court Ordered Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health
  • Domestic Violence Risk Assessments and Counseling
  • Drivers License Reinstatements - Michigan/Indiana
  • Court Referred Coparenting.
  • Reconciliation Counseling
  • Witness Testimony Experience - Case Preparation/Consultation
  • Pre-Sentence Evaluations - Misdemeanor                                  

**mental health evaluations may be limited if advanced evaluation and testing is required

Referring Partners/Sources:

Berrien/St. Joseph Co. Courts

Commercial Insurance

Law Firms/Psychologists

Memorial/St.Joseph Hospital

Cass Family Clinic/Granger Family

Community Self Referrals


Practice Locations:

Michiana, Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan




Clinical Supervision Provider -MSW and LCSW


Participating Organizations:

National Association of Social Workers

National Assoc. of Forensic Counselors